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The joint stock company Melitopol Compressor is a leading enterprise in the CIS specializing in the production of compressor equipment.

The enterprise was founded in 1930 and since then it has been designing and manufacturing high-quality compressor and pumping equipment with a wide range of technical characteristics and a wide field of application.

In spite of the collapse of the USSR resulting in the decrease of production at machine-building enterprises, bankruptcy of individual enterprises, the PJSC “Melitopol Compressor” is now manufacturing a full range of the compressors manufactured in 1990s as well as updated and new models of compressors.

The machines manufactured at the Melitopol compressor factory were used in launching the spaceship with the first cosmonaut Yuriy Gagarin on board, in the first round-the-world cruise of the nuclear-powered submarine ‘Leninskiy Komsomolets’, in the work of nuclear-powered ships ‘Lenin’ and ‘The Arctic’.

The equipment with the trademark of the PJSC “Melitopol Compressor” finds wide application in oil, gas, coal, chemical, food processing, ship-building, metallurgical industries; geology, agriculture, construction, aviation; in housing-and-municipal utilities and other branches of economy.

The geography of shipments of the products is very wide. The enterprise has consumers in the CIS and in more than 40 foreign countries among which are Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Finland, Czechia, Hungary, China, India, Indonesia, Cuba and others.

A great number of compressors КСЭ-5 (KSE-5), КСЭ-5М (KSE-5M) has been serviced on the territory of the CIS up to now. These machines of general-industrial application are the most widely-spread for the last 50 years.

In the mid-1970s the above compressors were automated and compressor 4ВУ1-5/9 (4VU1-5/9) was designed on the basis of the КСЭ-5М (KSE-5M) compressor. The presence of the automatic control and protection system in the compressors expanded the field of their application due to the integration of these machines in various automated complexes used in oil and gas, chemical, machine-building, grain processing, sugar refining and other industries. Maintenance costs and power consumption were significantly reduced.

The beginning of this century has opened a new stage in the qualitative development of the piston compressors manufactured by the PJSC “Melitopol Compressor” on the background of their competition with the screw compressors winning the market nowadays. A great amount of work has been done to analyze the operating reliability and service life of the piston compressors at the consumers’ taking into consideration the operation conditions, particular features of industry and the opportunities to reduce the compressed air production costs.

In 2001-2003, after the review of consumer opinions, the enterprise engineering centre developed compressors 4ВУ1-5/9М82 (4VU1-5/9M82)4ВУ1-7/11 (4VU1-7/11), 4ВУ0.6-8/3.5 (4VU0.6-8/3.5) comprising a force-feed lubrication system and a microprocessor-based automatic control and protection system. The design work was performed, prototype models were manufactured and tested, standard technical documentation elaborated and running tests carried out at short notice.

The products of the PJSC “Melitopol Compressor” are being continually improved. As a result in 2003 there was developed a special compressor factory KP-25 (KR-25) designed for discharging the air, freed of moisture, oil and hydrocarbons, into the bottles of breathing apparatuses up to a pressure of 200 kgf/cm2, and for starting the diesel sets, including those on board the ships. This compressor factory finds application in rescue work performed by the detachments of emergency services, in the work of hydrotechnical facilities (berths, dams, platforms, sluices, channels, embankment, etc), on small ships, in diving.

The design and development work was based on the production and operation of reliable high-pressure compressors ЭК2-150 (EK2-150) and КР-2 (KR-2). The factory comprises an air purification filter provided with filtering cartridge P41 made by BAUER company and an air distribution system provided with outlets for two bottles and suitable for all the connection types.

At present Ukraine is facing a serious problem of the atmospheric pollution with gases creating a hothouse effect. Ukraine ratified Kioto Protocol limiting the volume of hothouse effect gases discharging into the atmosphere for the agreement member-countries. In 2002 the PJSC  “Melitopol Compressor” in cooperation with the scientific and production engineering company “Zirka”, Zaporozhye, started the development of the process of compression of the oil product vapours. This work was done within the framework of the project aimed at preventing the discharge of oil product vapours into the atmosphere at oil-refining factories, oil bulk factories and filling stations.

The developed process is original in the principle of solving the problem as it is based on the liquefaction of the oil product vapours by means of compression with the following cooling. The research and development work has been successfully accomplished (Patent of Ukraine No.47729A). At present the enterprise is performing running tests of compressor factory GT0.8-0.25/41S and is preparing the production of the first lot of the compressors to be used at oil bulk factories.

The increased demand for compressed air and other gases which are not contaminated with oil vapours led to the development of compressor 2ВУ1.5-2.4/26М1С (2VU1.5-2.4/26M1S) which , in its turn, became the basis for the development of compressor 2ГУ1.5-2.4/26М1С (2GU1.5-2.4/26M1S) used in the production of liquid carbonic acid. This development and design work was done in cooperation with LLC “Oilfree Compressors “, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Rotor (ВФ series) and gear (3АФ series) compressors and rotary gas blowers (1А series) have always occupied an important place in the range of the products manufactured at our enterprise. In the 1970s-1980s they found wide application at flour mills and combined-fodder factories. These compressors operate at an operating pressure differential not exceeding 0.8 kgf/cm2. This value was long thought to be the maximum admissible for the gear compressors with 2 vane rotors. But the personnel of the design department continued to make a major effort to find the opportunity to develop a gear compressor operating at a pressure differential exceeding 1 kgf/cm2. As a result compressors 3АФ51К55Т (3AF51K55T) and 3АФ53К55Т (3AF53K55T) were developed and introduced into production. These compressors are mounted on the flour trucks and used for their unloading. They can also be used in stationary conditions for pneumatic conveyance of loose materials (flour, cement, etc.). The actions continually taken to improve the compressors technical characteristics have resulted in the increase of the pressure differential up to 1.1 kgf/cm2 for operation in the continuous mode and 1.3 kgf/cm2 for operation in the short-time mode.

These compressors have gained recognition at the enterprises employing flour trucks due to the high operating reliability and low maintenance costs as compared to the rotor-vane compressors requiring frequent replacement of vanes, rinsing and replacement of oil filters and increased oil consumption.

As the consumers were not fully satisfied with the operation and safety conditions of the rotor compressors, in 2002 and 2003 the enterprise in close cooperation with the State Technical University named after Bauman (Moscow, Russia) performed the research and developed the optimum methods of decreasing the level of noise in compressor operation. At present compressors of the 12ВФ (12VF), 22ВФ (22VF), 24ВФ (24VF)series are equipped with suction and discharge silencers. Fitted to these models of compressors are silencing casings. The level of noise was reduced from 112 dBA to 85 dBA. Since 2003 the compressors have been completed with check valves. There have been also developed and launched into production compressors with a vertical air flow.

When the marketing research showed a substantial demand for vacuum pumps of 200 l/sec capacity our designers developed the 2ДВН-200 (2DVN-200) vacuum pump used for drying electric motor winding, transformers and other articles manufactured by the enterprises of electrical industry. The development of this article made many Ukrainian enterprises independent of imports.
The work of all the enterprise departments is being focused on the satisfaction of the customer requirements. We propose that our consumers of compressed air should switch from power-consuming processes for production of compressed air by centralized compressor stations to energy-saving principle of production of the required amount of compressed air in the required place. The company-made compressors of 0.17 m3/min to 8 m3/min capacity can be mounted directly at the installations consuming compressed air. This reduces power consumption (to 50%) and maintenance costs for the compressor station and pipelines. Should repair or replacement be required, the consumers are offered the following: delivery of the new equipment or overhaul of the used one with the performance of commissioning work, running and scheduled repair which can be carried out at the manufacturing factory or at the consumer’s. Besides, the enterprise has the opportunity to update the compressors in service improving their technical characteristics.

Much attention is given to the product quality. Since 1996 there has been working the testing laboratory accredited in the UkrCEPRO system in the field of compressor equipment, vacuum-pumps and spare parts thereof. Certificate No. UA 6.001.T.365. All the products are subject to certification tests. The product quality is confirmed by the certificate of correspondence to the UkrCEPRO safety requirements accepted in the CIS.

The products meant for the nuclear power stations are certified by the Russian Committee for Nuclear Energy Control.
The products meant for ship-building and ship-repairing industries are supplied with the quality certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

In 2003 the Scientific and Expert Board of the national image programme “Leaders of XXI Century” awarded the products of the enterprise with the quality mark “Vyshcha Proba”.

The quality management system of the enterprise has been certified according to ISO9001:2000.

The enterprise has its representations in Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Moldova.
The specialists and the management personnel of the enterprise have set the tasks aimed at the improvement of the manufactured products. The achievement by the PJSC “Melitopol Compressor” of this goal will be ensured by the choice of the progressive trends in the production development, correct setting of the tasks and arriving at optimum solutions.

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