Unified gas charging stations УГЗС.M (UGZS.M) & plants УКВД (UKVD)

Unified gas charging stations УГЗС.M (UGZS.M) & plants УКВД (UKVD)

Unified gas charging stations УГЗС.M (UGZS.M) & plants УКВД (UKVD)

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They are designed for charging the aircraft airborne systems with oxygen, nitrogen or air.

The УГЗС.М stations (UGZS.M) and УКВД fabrics (UKVD) consist of single-stage booster diaphragm compressor MK120-120/350, gas bottles (18 pcs) with 40 litres capacity each, and a control desk.

In the operating compressor, the unit diaphragms isolate the compressed gas from the active fluid thus maintaining high quality of the gas which is the main advantage of diaphragm compressors when compared with those of the piston type.

The control desk is intended to control the operation and monitor the operating parameters of the compressor and the station.
The УГЗС.М (UGZS.M) stations are mounted on chassis of the ЗИЛ (ZIL) truck with carburetor or diesel engine.

The УКВД (UKVD) plants are driven from outside when used in stationary conditions or driven from the engine of transportation vehicle when used on transportation facilities.

The stations and plants can be used at an ambient air temperature ranging from -40° to +50°C.



Working mediumoxygennitrogenairoxygennitrogenair
Compressor capacity:
At a suction pressure of 12.0 MPa, Nm3/h8512012085120120
Under normal suction conditions, Nm3/h0.7110.711
Initial pressure, kgf/cm23535
Final pressure, kgf/cm2350350
Crankshaft rotational speed, rpm500500
Maximum compression ratio1010
Compressor w fluidPEF 70/110МС-8 oilМС-8 oilPEF 70/110МС-8 oilМС-8 oil
Station mass, kg104254000
Overall dimensions, m7.45×2.5×2.83.885×2.5×1.61

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