Service cart ТС from 4 to 18 cylinders

Service cart ТС from 4 to 18 cylinders

Service cart ТС from 4 to 18 cylinders

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The service cart is made for charging the aircraft airborne systems with air, special nitrogen and medically pure oxygen by bypassing the gas from the cart bottles.

The cart can be transported by any means of transport. The service cart bottles shall be charged from an external source of compressed gas.
Service cart TC is comprised of:

  • trailer;
  • charging unit with arranged on it equipment (gas bottles, control board, four high-pressure hoses 10 m long);
  • spare parts, tools, accessories and adapters for charging aircraft airborne systems.


Working gasSpecial nitrogenDry airMedically pure oxygen
Dew point of working gas during charging, no
minus 65°С at
Р=150 kgf/cm2
minus 65°С at
Р=150 kgf/cm2
minus 63°С at Р=760mm
Flow rate, m3/h, no less0.2±0.02
Pressure in bottles charged with working gas, kgf/cm2
, no more
Range of operating pressure of discharge gas, kgf/cm2from 30 to 300
Ambient air temperaturefrom -40°C to +50°C
Number of bottles, ps4
Total capacity of bottles, l, no more160
Mass of cart with charged bottles, kg, no more750
Overall dimensions, mm, no more3220x1450x1630

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