Vacuum pumps type ДВН (DVN)

Vacuum pumps type ДВН (DVN)

Vacuum pumps type ДВН (DVN)

Vacuum pumps
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They are designed for pumping the air and gases which are non-aggressive to gray cast iron, structural steel, mineral oil, and explosion-proof in the conditions of the flow part and gear reducer. They are used ONLY with a fore-vacuum pump and are connected with the second stage of rarefaction. 

They are used in the following processes:

  • Drying of transformers and other devices;
  • Impregnation of windings, cable, wood and other materials;
  • Distillation in metallurgy upon receipt of non-ferrous metals, as well as chemically pure substances in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries;
  • Freeze-drying of products, biologically active preparations, vaccines;
  • Melting, casting, alloying of metal alloys;
  • Sintering of fine-grained and powdery materials in powder metallurgy, during sintering, coking, in the manufacture of refractory products.

The DVN pump consists of the pump which is mounted on the foundation frame and connected to it with help of the elastic finger coupling of the electric motor. The cooling of the 2DVN-500 pumps is provided by the air, of the 2DVN-1500 pumps – by the water.


Parameter Name2ДВН-5002ДВН-1500
Speed ​​of action, not less than, l/sec5001500
Pressure drop, not more than, kPa1,01,0
ultimate residual total pressure, Pa0,50,5
Capacity of electric motor, kV7,511
Cooling water consumption, l/h360
Mass, kg550830
Overall dimensions, mm1340х600х8501840х580х850
Designation of the recommended foreline pumpНВЗ-90НВЗ-180

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