Air dehumidifier unit УБОВ-0,3/150 (UBOV-0,3/150)

Air dehumidifier unit УБОВ-0,3/150 (UBOV-0,3/150)

Air dehumidifier unit УБОВ-0,3/150 (UBOV-0,3/150)

High-pressure compressors
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Air dehumidifier unit УБОВ-0.3/150 (UBOV) is designed for drying and purification of the air which is compressed up to the pressure of 150-200 kgf/cm2 in order to save it from moisture and mechanical impurities. It is recommended to use it with the following compressors: ЭК2-150 (EK), ЭКПА2-150 (EKPA), КР-2 (KR) (АКР-2 (AKR)), ВТ1.5-0.3/150 (VT).


Drying method
with the use of adsorbents
Adsorbents used
zeolite, granulated silica gel
Number of driers
1 bottle
Bottle capacity
80 litres
Mode of operation
periodic mode with drying cycle not more than 2 hours
Mean lifetime, years
Final pressure, kgf/cm2
Capacity, l/min
Dew point at the manufacturer’s, 0C, not higher than
Dew point at the consumer’s, 0C, not higher than
Mass of article, kg
Overall dimensions, mm

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