Compressors of the ЭКП (EKP) series

Compressors of the ЭКП (EKP) series

Compressors of the ЭКП (EKP) series

Low- and medium-pressure compressors
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They are designed for starting the main diesel engine of the ship when filling the its reservoirs with air, its pressurization and maintenace in them under the given pressure value as well as for the supplying industrial enterprises with compressed air of up to 25 kgf/cm2. The compressor is a two-stage machine driven by an electric motor. The motion mechanism is lubricated with circulating oil fed by the gear pump, whereas the cylinders are lubricated with the help of a drop lubricator.

The compressor is cooled with outboard or running water.

The machine can be delivered with a terminal water-oil separator to be mounted apart from the compressor. The compressor units can be operated at an ambient air temperature ranging from 00C to +450C.

The compressors of the M1 modification are equipped with an automatic control and protection system which ensures:
–         automatic starting of the compressor unit at a pressure of 15 kgf/cm2 in the system-automatic stopping of the compressor unit at a pressure of 25 kgf/cm2 in the system;
–         relief of the compressor in starting and stopping;
–         automatic condensate drain;
–         automatic stopping of the compressor unit under the following conditions:
abnormal water pressure in the cooling system, abnormal oil pressure in the lubrication system, abnormal air pressure after stage I, abnormal air temperature after    stage II;
–         starting and stopping of the compressor unit with the help of the local or remote control board.


Parameter denominationЭКП-70/25М1ЭКП-210/25М1ЭКП-280/25М1
Final excessive Pressure, kgf/cm2252525
Suction capacity m3/min70210280
Discharge capacity m3/min2,88,411,2
Power consumption, kW16,54962
Compressor shaft rotational speed, rpm100010001000
Number of cylinders, ps134
Oil flow rate, g/h365065
Cooling water flow rate, m3/h445
Mass, kg104620132215
Overall dimensions, mm1520х730х15452200х780х16552400х780х1655

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